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Full Tubes

We have multiple tubes available, each has a cap with hole for the odor to escape.  See our new 2.5″ green pik, works great for buried hides.

Large Tubes:

Price: $1.00 each

Green floral -Translucent green floral tube with cap, 3.50”.  These tubes are molded from unbreakable polypropylene plastic.
Green Floral

Green Pik – Translucent green floral pik with attached cap, 4.25″ or 2.50″.  These tubes are molded from unbreakable polypropylene plastic and have a pointed end for easy ground/dirt placements.







Clear Test Tube – Clear polystyrene tube with cap,  2.2”. 
Test Tube

Printed Test Tube – Polypropylene tube with cap plus scent name printed on the side in large font, 2.2″.  The Birch and Anise tubes are lightly frosted, the Clove tube is clear.
Printed Tube

Large Tube :


Small Tubes:

Price:  $.25 each

Graduated Tubes – Polypropylene plastic tubes with attached snap cap, 1.60″.  Colors: clear, black, yellow, blue, green, amber, orange, purple and pink.

Screw Top Tubes – Polypropylene plastic tubes with screw top cap, 2.0″.  Colors: clear, black and amber.

Screw Top

Small Tube :


Flat Tubing

Price:  $1.00/bag of 5

This flexible/heat shrink tubing slides easily into small spaces.  It works best for searches utilizing sidewalk cracks, car door jambs, hinges, file cabinets, etc.   There are 3 colors available in each size, sold in a package of 5. 

Small: 2″ long, 3/8″ wide, fits 1 swab

Large: 2″ long, 9/16″ wide, fits 1-3 swabs

Lrg Flex Tube 250

Sm Flex Tube 250







Flat Tubing :


Lip Balm Tube

Price:  $1.00 each

3.19″ x .47″ slim lip balm tubes with cap (no hole in cap).  Currently one color available, black.

Lip Balm Tubes - Black 150







Lip Balm Tube :