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Target Odor Kit

Target Odor Scent Kit

This scent kit includes elements for a specific target odor and is available in 12 different colors.

You choose the scent.  

Price: $20.00

It contains the following:

One 1 dram bottle (approx. 75 drops) of 100% therapeutic grade essential oil.

One wide mouth glass vial filled with 10 saturated cotton swabs.  Cap color may vary.

One 2″ clear plastic test tube with cap.   The cap has an opening for scent to escape.

 One 3 3/4″ tweezers for handling scented cotton swabs.   Color may vary.

One 2″ slider top tin with rare earth magnet attached.  (If you would prefer a slider with holes use the email link on the Contact Us page and send us a quick note.)

The  case measures 2.7” wide x 4.3” high x 1.3” thick.  All cases are translucent except the white bones case.  It will keep all items organized, secure and easily accessible.  Additional information:

•  Crush resistant shell

•  Angle design that is air/water tight

•  Nylon lanyard with breakaway clip and bone carabiner attached

Odor :
Case Color :